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The counterparts // Road to Ninja: Naruto the movie


why is this so hilarious to me, what a fucking dork

"I have a GENIUS idea for a TV show. Half cat;half dog. No, no. I already have the perfect name. Get this. “Catdog”. No, don’t worry about how it poops. You’re disgusting. This is a kids show"

Someone at nickelodeon like 20 years ago (via juliepowers)


girl are you a fox because i don’t know what the fuck you’re saying


*pulls up to Sonic Drive-In* HEY *honks la cucuracha horn* YO DOES KNUCKLES WORK HERE

❝ w-what? there’s something other, deep down inside! it’s evil ! it’s exacctly like-…❞


how to play any assassins creed game:
1) use counter kill whenever youre fighting
2) sprint everywhere you need to go
sprint off cliffs if you have to
never stop sprinting

Hyūga Hinata requested by Yessie  (≧◡≦)

Get to know Me:
Female Characters [3/5] - Hinata Hyuuga
"I used to always cry and give up. I made many wrong turns. But you, you helped me to find the right path. I always chased after you. I wanted to catch up with you. I wanted to walk next beside you all the time. I just wanted to be with you. You changed me! Your smile is what saved me! That's why I'm not afraid to die protecting you...because, I love you."